The Havas Fire Department is part of the advertising and media agency HAVAS in Brussels.
The fire department offers young graduates a permanent contract, starting with a 2-year development program. In these two years you’ll get fired and re-hired a lot, in order to try out 4 or more jobs inside the creative and media agencies

Get fired at the media department to get hired at the creative department and so on. The more jobs you try out, the more skills you acquire and the more experienced you’ll get.

Anyone who’s already been fired will tell you that there are great lessons to be learned.
Besides, getting fired is one of the things that happen a lot in this fast-evolving business, so we better get you ready for it.

What’s in it for you?
  • You will not be a trainee. This is a real contract with a real wage and a whole bunch of real perks.
  • You’ll build up experience faster than any other young graduate.
  • You’ll create your own professional network.
  • You’ll get coached by experienced professionals from the agency.


You’ll be working in the different departments of both Havas Media Belgium and Havas Brussels, not far from the bustling heart of Europe’s capital. Each assignment lasts six months.

Which departments will you discover inside the Fire Department?

At Havas Media, you’ll learn how to help clients develop their media strategy to make a meaningful difference to people, businesses and brands, in departments such as:

  • Conseil (Account management, Studies and Data)
  • Digital (Social Media, Online Performance, Display and Mobile Programmatic)
  • Broadcast (TV, Radio, Cinema, Online Video)
  • Publishing (News brands on and off)

At Havas, the creative department is where creation, strategy and commercial people combine their strengths to create both online and offline campaigns for various types of national and international brands.

In the commercial department, you’ll be working your magic between client briefings and briefings for the creatives. Experience how strategic creation and creative strategy work together to build brands and campaigns.

You’re probably wondering which department will suit you best? Well, The Fire Department takes away your choice anxiety because you’ll get to test them all before you make your final decision.

FIRE ME But first
get hired

You think you’re brave enough to take on the challenge? Good. Tell us about yourself in a CV, an inspiring motivation letter or whatever and upload it before 31st of May 2019.

The 15 most interesting profiles will be invited in July for a live presentation at Havas, Rue des Boiteux - Kreupelenstraat 9 in 1000 Brussels. So save this date: 12th of July 2019. If you are selected, that’s when the adventure starts!
You will be asked to make a 15-minute presentation about a set theme. Our jury – consisting of, among others, Creative Director Werner Van Reck and the CEO of Havas Media, Hugues Rey - will be judging your presentation and questioning you.
As you can see, the fire starts from Day 1.

Alas! You missed your chance to get fired!
Fire Department is closed for now.
But don’t get heated, you can still send us your CV if you’re interested in a job at Havas.
Just pop over to our website.

Thanks !